Grana Social App : gagnez $1 600 avec la publicité sur les réseaux sociaux !


Grana Social is an application that has emerged to completely change the web. But what exactly is this smartphone app? How does it work in practice when used? Is it worth using the app or is it a waste of time? On which operating systems does this application work?


Argent social - Recettes Samp
Grana Social – Receitas Samp

Making money online is no longer impossible, on the contrary, it is easier than you imagine. In the past, making money working online was quite complicated, so there were few people who really made money just by spending hours in front of the PC.

However, with increasingly advanced technology and increasingly easy-to-use apps, it is common for ease to have also arrived for web earnings. This is the reality for those born in the 2000s and 2010s, who today can earn something close to or even higher than a minimum wage through their smartphones.

One of the apps that is gaining the most space in this market, and which is national, is Grana Social. In today’s article, we will explain how it works, in which currency it pays, and how you can make money with it. So if you want to know more about the subject, join us in this reading. Let’s go!


What is Grana Social?

But after all, what is Grana Social? We’re talking about a smartphone application capable of making you earn money by posting ads on your social networks. The amount is paid in dollars..

We can say, however, that many are earning more than U$1,600.00 through this platform, which truly pays on the correct date, a good amount of money. You earn every time an advertisement sharing is made, based on the interactions you receive in your Grana Social-related posts.

Grana Social not only works via the app, but also through the web. It has a platform designed for those who cannot access the app because of their operating system, since the app only works on smartphones with a specific operating system. But we will see more about this later.

How does Grana Social work?

But after all, how does Grana Social work? Well, the app works like any other that pays its users: through tasks performed. So, the more tasks you perform, the more money you can save and withdraw. However, these tasks are different from what the vast majority of apps provide you: they are advertising posts.

Basically, companies hire Grana Social in exchange for advertising. Thus, they pay the platform to distribute their ads through various social networks, like a true manager. In this way, Grana Social, in turn, “hires” its users to expand these ads.

So, you should enter the app, see what the home screen, or feed, indicates about what to do: there may be an advertisement about a specific brand, and you must share this advertisement on Instagram story or on your Facebook feed, and so on. All your social networks will have integration with Grana Social.

But how does the app know that you did the advertisement? Through integration with social networks, but also through links. To finish the task, after posting, you must copy the link of the publication and paste it in the blank field of the task in question. Then click “Done” and wait for the approval process.

The task approval takes up to 24 hours to be analyzed and released, and then you receive your money. In total, U$4.00 is paid for each advertisement performed, plus an additional U$10.00 for every thousand views on your post.

How to download the app?

To download the app, you need to go to the Google Play Store, search for it, and click on “Download”. Then, you should wait for the download to finish before starting it.

The app was only available for Android operating systems, not working on iOS operating systems. Therefore, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you will need to use the web platform that can be accessed through any browser, including Safari. See you next time!

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