Hit it, Win it: get up to R$1,000.00 off your card!


Hit it, Win it As we will see shortly, is an incredible promotion from Santander that can make you earn a lot of money in the long run, mainly through the discounts you will receive when purchasing products from Santander's partner stores, in addition to, of course, airline tickets.


Hit it, Win it - Samp Recipes
Hit it, Win it – Samp Recipes

Credit card miles and points have truly become common in our daily lives. Nowadays, practically every credit card has its own program, where you can earn miles through your everyday purchases. Some programs and cards are naturally better than others.

It all depends on your point of view. If you usually buy a lot from a particular store, it's worth looking for a credit card company that has a partnership with the brand: there's a good chance that there are incredible discounts on products from it through this system.

In this guide, we have put together a complete guide with tips, explaining exactly what Hit it, Win it is, a specific promotion from Santander, in addition to other details about how it works and what you can win. So, if you want to know more about it, read with us!


What is Hit it, Win it, and how does it work?

Hit it, Win it is a promotion from Santander that rewards its customers with points and miles. To win these benefits, it is necessary to achieve monthly goals on the Santander credit card.

You can accumulate points by using your Santander credit card every month. By reaching the pre-determined goals, you can earn even more points to exchange for other benefits.

By achieving the spending goals with the Santander credit card, you already earn miles that can be exchanged for various services, such as airline tickets, hotel stays, tickets to shows, and other services.

In addition, you can also use the accumulated points to purchase products for your home, smartphones, tablets, and much more. Thus, you can take advantage of a range of benefits every time you use the Santander credit card.

In summary, as mentioned previously, you can accumulate miles and points by spending with the Santander credit card. Take advantage of this promotion and accumulate points and miles that can be transformed into various benefits.

How many times a year does Hit it, Win it happen?

As a very specific promotion, Hit it, Win it happens only about 2 times a year. Therefore, if you are not yet a Santander customer, hurry up and open your account and request your credit card. This way, you can start earning money with the application and the card as soon as possible.

Usually, Hit it, Win it happens in the months of April, August, and December, with some exceptions occurring on Black Friday, still in November. So, what are you waiting for to open your account?

How to open an account with Santander?

Previously, to open an account with Santander, it was necessary to go to a physical bank branch. However, today it is different. Just download the bank's application, register, send your documents, and wait for your account to be approved.

Depending on your score (credit score), a debit card and also a credit function card are already sent to your house and thus you can start earning money with the double miles and points program.

How to make money with Hit it, Win it?

But how to make money? Whenever you go to buy a coffee, go shopping or buy groceries, use your credit card, even if you have money in your debit account.

Pay the bill right away to avoid debts. This simple action will already earn you some points, which can later be exchanged for

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