Rappi Bank App: Earn 100 dollars for each referral made in the app!


Rappi Bank is a digital app that simulates a real bank, and even operates like one, but it is specific to the app that bears the same name, a sort of lesser-known iFood. But what exactly is Rappi Bank? How does this app work, and why are more and more people making money with it?


Rappi Bank - Receitas Samp
Rappi Bank – Receitas Samp

It may seem complicated at first, but as you read on, you’ll understand that it’s a simple app to start using, and that it brings countless financial benefits to whoever has it installed on their smartphone. Have you ever thought about earning 100 dollars every time you refer someone?

In this content, we will explain to you in a simple and easy way how to make money with the Rappi Bank app. Therefore, if you want to know more details about the app to be able to use it on your smartphone, follow us until the end of the reading for more details. Let’s go, read with us!

What is Rappi Bank?

But what exactly is Rappi Bank? As mentioned earlier, it is a digital bank that functions like any other. The big difference is that this is a somewhat atypical bank, as it is run by a large delivery network via the app.


Rappi is an application very similar to iFood, a delivery application. In comparative terms, Rappi still has fewer users than iFood, and precisely because of this, it creates exclusive promotions for its users as a way to increase the number of people who download the app.

Rappi Bank works like any other: through it, you can make bank transfers, withdraw money through the Caixa 24 hours, pay bills, and receive Pix, with the benefit of being digital, having a credit card, and being very fast, which is why it is so widely used and recommended for those with a smartphone.

How to make money on Rappi Bank?

But how can you make money through this app? As mentioned earlier, it is an app that pays in different ways. In total, there are three ways that you can use to accumulate money in your account. Here’s how:

App that pays for registration

The first way to earn money at Banco Rappi is through registration. Currently, whenever you create an account at Banco Rappi with a new CPF, you receive 50 dollars straight into your account. This money can be used in several ways: to transfer, withdraw, recharge your cell phone, etc., whatever you want.

Referral of friends on the app

As mentioned, the app looks for ways to increase the number of its users. So, another way to earn bonuses is by referring friends. The amount paid for each new member that registers through the link you share is 100 dollars. So if you divide 4 times and create 4 new accounts, you will get 400 dollars in your account.

First purchase with cashback

Finally, the last way to earn money with Rappi Bank is through cashback. But what does it mean? Well, the app gives you 50% cash back on your first purchase of up to $280 within the “Purchases” area of ​​the app.

In this way, if you buy a Nike shoe that costs US$260, you will receive a discount of US$130 that will remain in your account, as long as the purchase is made 100% with the money from the app’s account or on the same credit card.

How to download Rappi Bank?

But, how to download Rappi Bank? It is currently very easy to download this app. The software for smartphones is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, just go to the app store, search for “Rappi Bank”, enter the official application page, click “Download” on Android or “Get” on iOS.

So, just wait until the download is complete to start using this amazing app. Do you have any questions? Comment below and we will answer you. Until next time!

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