L'applicazione Toluna è affidabile? L'app paga 20 dollari al giorno per gli utenti!


Toluna Application is reliable? How does this app that pays for the opinion of its users work? What are the ways to earn with this software for Android and iOS smartphones? Is it worth downloading this app to earn money or is it a lot of time spent for little return? What are the benefits of the app?


L'applicazione Toluna è affidabile? - Ricette Samp
Toluna Application is reliable? – Receitas Samp

Making money with apps has become quite common these days. Many people are searching more and more for apps that fulfill their financial needs, that can help their gross monthly income, or become their main source of monthly income.

However, we know that it is not as easy as many advertise. It is necessary to give a lot of attention and dedication to the work done with the cell phone, so that the income becomes even greater at the end of a month. Toluna is one such application that pays its users.

The app focuses on product reviews of famous brands, and besides paying in cash, it also sends these products. In today’s content, we will talk about what it is, how it works, and the reliability that Toluna passes on to its users. So, if you want to know if Toluna Application is reliable, follow us to the end of this article for more details. Come on, read with us!


What is Toluna Application? Is Toluna reliable?

We are talking about an application based on product reviews and opinions. The app calls its users “influencers”, an affectionate way to increase the credibility of its direct “customers”, after all, without its users Toluna would be nothing.

Like it or not, the term “influencers” is well employed, since the users directly influence the products sold, marketed, and propagated by big brands from different types of commerce: from tire sales to party makeup. Toluna is really diverse.

How to make money with Toluna Application?

How to make money with Toluna? As mentioned earlier, there are two main ways to earn with the smartphone platform: in cash and also in products. Basically, the company pays you to provide reviews for specific products that are not yet officially marketed.

If these products move forward, then your opinion about it may even appear on the official page of the selling company. So, let’s imagine that Samsung is testing a new cell phone: it distributes 100 units for Toluna to send to its users.

These, in turn, should test the smartphone for a previously determined time, and afterwards give a review about the product. We are giving an example of a large and expensive product, but there are small companies, such as those that send makeup, decorative items, household or everyday utensils, etc.

In the case of services or info-products, which are not sent to the user’s home, a test fee of around 20 USD is paid, i.e., if you test one info-product per day, you can earn up to 600 USD per month (dollar).

Toluna is reliable?

Yes, the application is incredibly reliable. It is already used by many people and known as one of the best in the segment, mainly because it sends the products to people’s homes and does not ask for returns. Have you ever thought about winning a test smartphone and keeping it? Isn’t that great?

With the Toluna app this is possible. In addition, the Toluna app is reliable because there are no late payment complaints, at least there never have been. The app always pays once a week, through your PayPal account, linked to the app. Therefore, you need to be over 18 if you want to withdraw the money accumulated in the app.

This was our guide where we told you that the Toluna app is reliable. We also told you what the app is and how it works. It is really worthwhile to use it. To have it on your smartphone, just go to the Google Play Store or App Store, download the app, register, and start using it. Any questions? Comment below and see you next time!