WowApp Messenger: Aplikasi Messenger membayar R$800 setiap bulan!


WowApp Messenger is an app that promises to share up to 70% of its profits with users. As it is still a relatively unknown app around the world, this is the way they have found to exponentially grow their brand. But what is this app? How does it work, and how can you earn money using it?


WowApp Messenger – Receitas Samp

Everyone knows that the number of people using money-paying apps has grown tremendously. However, it is also a reality that many of the other people, those who do not make money with it, have no idea how these apps work. They are missing out on a good opportunity to make money.

Therefore, it is essential that there are contents like those on our site, where you can get your main doubts about how these apps work cleared up. It is extremely important to better understand these softwares because, in practice, not all of them are safe or reliable in relation to what they promise to pay.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you a little more about a new instant messaging app. Very similar to WhatsApp, but infinitely simpler (and lighter), WowApp Messenger can make you earn a lot of money with light and fast ads. Read on with us and find out more, here we go!


What is WowApp Messenger?

So, what is WowApp Messenger? As explained earlier, it is a messenger app that works very similar to WhatsApp, but with a simpler and lighter system than Meta’s app (formerly Facebook, by Mark Zuckerberg).

The app works like any other instant messaging app, even similar to Telegram or Signal. However, the app has a differential in relation to the visual effect of its pages, whether they are contacts or within the chat itself: the app contains ads all around.

They are static ads that can be closed at the end of the window, video ads, and even in the location where you write a new message. At first, especially for those who do not like ads, it can be quite annoying. However, if you analyze the principle of shared earnings, we are certain that you will be excited.

Basically, all these ads were the way that WowApp Messenger found to make more users use it, sharing ad earnings with its users. This way, the number of people using WowApp Messenger grows, and at the same time, users make money.

How does WowApp Messenger work?

But, how does WowApp Messenger work? As mentioned above, it works like several other instant messaging apps: there are not many secrets about its functioning. However, ads are present everywhere, and every time you click on an ad, you earn a little.

The app has a section called “Payments,” where you can link your PayPal account, and every time you click on an ad, you will receive an amount directly into your account within the game. When you reach a total of $100, you can then withdraw your money.

How much can I earn on this app?

But, how much can I earn with this app? We already mentioned that the minimum withdrawal is 100 dollars. This value is obtained, on average, every 18 days on the platform. So it means you get around $5.55 a day. If we add the rest of the month, we come to a total of $166.66.

But remember: this is an estimate, which means it is not a guaranteed value. The average values obtained are based on web testimonials from people who already use the WowApp Messenger.

To reach this value, it is necessary to use it daily, clicking on the ads whenever they appear on your smartphone screen. Naturally, the more you use it, the more ads will appear, the more you will click, and the more money you will earn.

Download the app from your app store and start earning as soon as possible. See you next time!