Comment gagner de l'argent avec les applications ? – 4 manières différentes !


How to make money with applications? What are the most viable ways to make a good amount of money monthly just by using apps? Does it really exist or is it just a story to attract idle people? How much money per month can you make just testing and recommending apps?


How to make money with applications? - Receitas Samp
How to make money with applications? – Receitas Samp

Making money on the Internet has become something accessible to virtually everyone. What used to be something restricted to a few specialists, today has become something extremely common and even you, at home, with just a cell phone in hand can earn an absurd amount of money on the web.

Don’t believe it? And how many times have you seen a friend or acquaintance advertising that they are selling courses and making money through digital? Chances are you have seen this several times. In reality, the vast majority are charlatans, but there are ways to make money on the web, not so easy, because everything requires work, but within everyone’s reach.

In today’s content, we will demystify much of what is said around, such as the myth that there is no way to make money with applications: yes, there is! And we will show you how to do it. So if you want to understand how to make money with apps, keep reading with us until the end. Let’s go!


Different ways to make money with apps

1. testing apps

There are thousands of apps on the web still in development, i.e. in their “beta” versions. These are apps that will be truly mass-released a few months from now, but for now they are only available to a few people, who must test them and answer some questionnaires.

How to find them? On the internet in countless different ways: some developers create campaigns on Instagram, others on Facebook, while others run these campaigns directly in app stores like the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Our recommendation is that you should always be on the lookout for anything new, and always try to research the subject, as recommendations will point you to sponsors from these developers.

2. How to earn money with applications? Referring to friends!

The referral program is also a great way to make money on the web. We are talking about applications where you can earn money simply by referring it to other people. The amounts can vary a lot, such as Kwai that pays up to $40.00, or Rappibank that pays an incredible $100.00 on Pix as soon as someone opens an account with your link. 

All you need to do is

  • Create your account in the app;
  • Fill in all your personal data;
  • Link a bank account to earn money;
  • Copy the referral link and start spreading it;
  • This way, every time someone uses your link to create a new account, you will earn money on the internet.

3. Cashback

How to earn money with applications? Through cashback, a term that means “money back”. Basically, these are shopping apps or virtual wallets, where every purchase you make using the app in question, part of the money you spend goes back into your wallet as balance.

The balance can be used as you wish: to buy more, or even to withdraw. Most banking apps like Nubank, Inter, Neon, Next, etc. already have this kind of system. Other apps like PicPay and RecargaPay specialize in making their customers earn money this way.

To make money with RecargaPay, for example, you just pay your bills with the account balance. That way, for every $2,000.00 in bills paid within 30 days, about 10% goes back into your balance. In this example, after paying two thousand in bills for rent, electricity, etc., R$200.00 comes back in cashback to spend as you wish.

4. How to make money with applications? Google Opinion Rewards

Another type of app is one that pays per opinion/rating. One of the biggest worldwide is Google Opinion Rewards. All you have to do is sign up, include a bank account to transfer your earnings, and start giving opinions on products, companies, and anything else that comes up, and you can earn money.

As we can see, making money on the Internet is very easy, especially with apps. See you next time!