Comment gagner de l'argent avec l'application Google Opinion Rewards – Découvrez-le !


How to make money on the Google Opinion Rewards App will be the question answered in our article. Here we will explain what types of rewards Google offers for your answered surveys. For those who are not yet familiar with this app, it can be downloaded on Android and iOS.


Google Opinion Rewards App - Receitas Samp
Google Opinion Rewards App – Receitas Samp

It allows registered people to answer questions asked by Google and get paid for it. Each form contains questions about some well-known companies, the general habits of Brazilians and about services you usually hire. Some are even about the most popular applications and how they help in everyday life.

After receiving the amount, you can use it to buy movies, pay subscriptions to entertainment platforms, own YouTube plans, or purchase games. You can also transfer the earned value to your PayPal account. But now let’s take a closer look at how to make money on the Google Opinion Rewards App.

How to earn money on the Google Opinion Rewards App?

For those who do not know, an application called Google Opinion Rewards was made. It is designed to make it possible to learn more about service applications. They are all quick questions that accumulate value for you to use however you want.


However, its only purpose is an interest in knowing all opinions about almost everything. Once answered the system will compute everything, analyze and make the necessary payment. Each form is uniquely designed for the respondent. In this case, it is customized for its user.

This is all because the registration information from the first registration that the person made is taken into account. Another point is that as the questions are answered your profile will receive an analysis and may change with the type of question you receive. In the end it will be calculated how many questions were answered and the time spent for this.

So in this way payments are made based on the tasks done. All according to how much work it took the user to finish the quiz. Every amount paid varies from cents to cents.

How to use the Google Opinion Rewards App?

In order to make use of this app you need to download and connect it to a Google account. At first it will ask for your location so it can make a form according to your daily life. With this it will see which places you frequent constantly.

With all this feedback assembled it will ask for address information such as zip code and country. Then, your gender and age. This will also help to set up the right kind of questioning that should be asked of you. In the beginning you will be presented with some test questionnaires, these will not be paid for.

However, this is more to help you understand how everything works and to get used to the kind of service that will be provided on a daily basis. And of course, it is one more way to understand your tastes and which questions will be most suitable for you.

We need to point out that some tests without any remuneration may be done in a common way. But it is very necessary and important that they are also done with as much sincerity as you can muster.

How to acquire more surveys?

A higher frequency of tests will be done in very random ways. In order for them to appear more often during the month, it is necessary not to forget the expiration date of the points earned. This is because many people collect large amounts of points and forget about it. Eventually everything that has been earned expires and can no longer be used.

However, answering the questions asked as soon as you log into the application is paramount. This is exactly what will open the door to other surveys. However, another point that must be policed is sincerity in the answers.

Of course, since these are more personal questions about your tastes, there is no absolutely correct answer. But, there are some tricks that the app uses to know if that person is really giving his true opinion or not.

For example, it asks questions about places that the person has not been, and if he or she ends up saying that they have actually been there, the app will know and register it as a smap. This will cause the person to end up losing some points and even not receiving any more questionnaires. That is why it is so important, in addition to answering frequently, to be sincere.