COS TV : Application payante pour liker et commenter les photos sur Insta !


COS TV is a web-based site and also a smartphone app that allows you to earn money by commenting and liking photos on Instagram. Through it, it is possible to earn a lot of money every day. But how does this app work for making money online? Who can use this app? How much can I earn for each task completed?


COS TV - Recettes Samp
COS TV – Receitas Samp

Many people want to make money online but don’t know how to do it. In practice, it’s a simpler process than many people imagine. Having internet access and a smartphone or PC at hand makes everything easier, as many of the apps also work on official websites on the web.

The vast majority of these apps pay in dollars, which further enhances their use.

In today’s article, we will tell you how to make money with an app that pays for liking and commenting on photos. So, if you want to learn more about the subject to start earning on COS TV, we recommend that you follow us until the end of the article to check out more details. Let’s go, read along with us!


What is COS TV?

But what exactly is COS TV? Well, in simple and direct terms, it is a web-based site and a smartphone app that promises to pay high amounts to those who like and comment on images on Instagram. It is similar to Make Money, an app that does the same type of transaction.

The “social network,” if we can call it that, receives money from influencers who want to have more engagement on their profiles, through likes, comments, and views. This money is then allocated to COS TV app users who want to earn money, by registering their account on the platform.

Thus, you will precisely perform simple tasks in exchange for a few cents of a dollar. For each completed task, you earn more cents of a dollar, and so on. In summary, it is a great app for those looking for extra income, seeking to complement their main income.

How does COS TV work?

But how does the COS TV money-making app work? There are two ways to use COS TV, just like Make Money. One is manually, and the other is entirely automatic, earning money without making any “effort.” Understand better:

Manual: manual work on COS TV works by registering your Instagram account and performing tasks manually. You will like, comment, and view everything that is proposed to you as a task on this app’s feed;

Automatic: the automatic way, as the name suggests, is one in which you let the app itself define your likes and comments. It is a good option for those who do not want to waste time on the app, but it pays less than the manual option.

But beware: a final caveat is that the “automatic” option may end up blocking your Instagram account due to excessive suspicious interactions. There are 3 options within the automatic: “Light,” “Intermediate,” and “Full.” The “Light” option performs fewer interactions, while the “Full” option comments and likes non-stop.

You can use the “Full” option without any problems, but keep in mind that your account on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network may be blocked. So, we recommend that you choose this option only in some moments, with caution.

How much can I earn on this app?

But, how much can I earn on COS TV? As mentioned earlier, payments are made based on the tasks you perform, with some paying more than others, always a few cents of a dollar.

This means that with around 20 actions a day, you can earn up to 150 dollars a month just within this amazing app. What do you think? Comment below and until next time!

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