Application Clipclaps : $400 par jour pour regarder des vidéos !


ClipClaps App, for those who don’t know, is an app similar to TikTok. It also has a payment system as your tasks are done. It is still free and can be installed on both Android and iOS. However, with it you can earn money just by watching videos.


Clipclaps App - Receitas Samp

You can also choose to play some of the mini-games available and invite friends through a link that each account has. This platform also allows you to interact by liking, sharing and commenting on your friends’ posts.

If you do all these things you will get clap coins, which are digital currencies especially to be exchanged for money. However, now we will show you all the functions that ClipClaps App has and how you can make invitations. Remember that it is through the invitations that you will be able to have an even bigger income. Read on, let’s go!

How does ClipClaps work?

So, how does it work? If you have not heard about this new application, you should know that it can be installed for free. This new platform promises payments through small tasks performed on a daily basis. Of course your main task is to watch videos, but of course there are others like playing some games provided by the app.


You will also be able to invite more friends to create accounts on this app. This will be the most profitable way that the platform will present.

Is this app safe?

But, Is it safe at all? Obviously, when we are introduced to a new application, especially if it promises to pay us for something so simple to do, we wonder if it is really safe. We did some thorough research about the platform as a whole, especially about what was being said about it.

Therefore, we were able to understand that so far there are no complaints about any part of the app. Another point is that nothing relevant has been said, such as misuse of customer data, lack of payments, bugs or viruses. In Google Play, the maximum score that apps can have is 5, it has so far received 4.3.

Of course we have to take into consideration all the operational flaws that the app might have. In view of all this information, we can understand that yes, ClipClaps is a reliable money making app. One valuable tip, is that you should read the terms you agree to very carefully.

Of course, there are some slightly different opinions about the app. Some tell that they actually succeeded in making the offered withdrawal. However, some people have described on Youtube that no payment of any kind has been made so far, even though it contains thousands of coins for withdrawal.

According to some sites, it is important to register in virtual wallets such as PayPal to be able to receive these payments. But if you do not know how to redeem this money, it is very easy. Just go to the option entitled “rewards” and click exactly on the icon that appears as a money bill. It is at the top.

After following these steps, simply

 convert the value of clap coins to real money and make the necessary transfers for withdrawal.

How to earn money with ClipClaps?

We have arrived at the most expected part of the content. It is important that you know that the app in general is very easy to use. 

Some of the ways to earn money are:

Inviting friends

In order to invite your friends to install ClipClaps, you need to share your user invitation in the “redeem” option. After that, you should click on “invite friends”. Then, choose “clapteam” and “invite friends” to send the code through your social networks.

Sending codes

You can also send an invite code to anyone. When you have a referral, use that invite number that is in the “rewards” tab, then click “redeem”.

Sending videos and playing roulette

To send videos you can click on “me” and after that on “upload”. This will send your video straight to your gallery and you can win. Roulette is a type of game that is presented in the “rewards” tab.

There you will need to click on “spin” and then just spin the roulette wheel and wait to see the result of how many coins you have won. That was our article about ClipClaps. We hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!