Quize: app pays $350.00 monthly for quizzes answered!


Quize is an amazing app that rewards its users based on completed quizzes on the platform. It is an easy to use app that more and more people are using to earn money. In addition to cash, a credit card is also available. Can you imagine?


Quize Application - Samp Recipes
Quize Application – Samp Recipes

But who can use Quize to make money? Is it worth using this app to earn money and even a credit card or not? Is Quize a scam or does it really pay its users? There is any registered complaint that proves that Quize is a fraud and does not pay its users?

All of these questions are very valid, especially when we talk about a tool like this, which promises to pay its users for each quiz completed within the platform. It's an easy way to make money, and even a credit card, as we'll see a little further ahead.

In this article, we will exclusively talk about what Quize is, how it works, and how you can use it to your advantage to make money. Therefore, if you want to know more about the subject, we recommend that you follow us until the end of the article for more details. Let's go, read with us!


What is Quiz?

So, what is quiz? As mentioned above, it's an app that pays its users to use the app. Basically, we're talking about an app that pays for each quiz completed, so you receive a certain amount of money in your game account.

Unfortunately, and already counting as a disadvantage, Quize does not pay in dollars like several other apps of its kind, but in Brazilian Real. This is because the app is 100% Brazilian, so there's no reason to pay in dollars.

Either way, it's a useful way for you to earn extra money at the end of the month, and, besides that, have fun while making money. Keep reading with us, as we'll also mention how it works, on which smartphones it can run, and the possibility of getting a credit card.

How does Quize work?

But how does Quize work? We've already explained some of it, and now, we'll go into more detail. Quize works by funding from companies that seek more information for advertising campaigns of their products and brands, thus being able to be more accurate in their campaigns.

In this way, to get this information, they contact Quize, giving an idea of ​​what information they need, and of course, making it very clear what their target audience is. Thus, the app creates a quiz of 15 questions and passes it on to users who fit that target audience.

You, as the end user, have the task of answering the quiz in the “correct” way, even though any information you give to the app will already be valid, but it's also a way to pass on only part of the money received from the companies in question.

Thus, at the end of the quiz, for every quiz that is 100% correct (that is, 15 questions answered correctly), you earn a certain amount of money. Isn't it interesting?

How much can I earn on this app?

And how much can I make on the app? There is no specific earnings limit set by the app, but of course, they won't give all the money in the world to just one user. Quizzes appear as you answer quickly, so always answer a quiz when it comes up.

On average, an average user who uses the app daily can earn about $350 in this amazing app. It is worth noting that all money can only be “withdrawn” when the balance in your gaming account is over $50.

How does the app's credit card work?

The Quize provides a prepaid credit card to its users. The card is delivered to the users' homes based on the address provided at the time of app registration. Therefore, the address needs to be completed correctly.

With the card in hand, simply unlock it on the app and use it according to the money you have in the app. Whenever you have more than $50 in your account, “withdraw” it to the card and use it in the “credit” function based on the money you have in your account, as if it were on debit. Until next time!

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