Quack App – Up to $30 per day by referring new users!


The Quack app is a social network that promises to revolutionize the world of technology and social interaction through apps as we know it today. But, what exactly is the Quack app and how does it work? Who can download and start using the Quack app to meet new people? Is the app free?


Quack Application - Samp Recipes
Quack Application – Samp Recipes

Social networking started long before Facebook became famous. Although Orkut is our first real memory of a social network as we know it, in reality, the first social network was created in 1995, seeking to connect students from different universities: it was called Classmates.

Since then, many social networks have come and gone: Last.fm, Ask Fm, Orkut, MSN, Telegram, WhatsApp, Flickr, among several others. The most used nowadays are really Instagram and WhatsApp, besides Facebook. Although these are the most used social networks, some new ones have been standing out all over the world, such as Quack.

That's right, we are talking about a new social network that has a lot to offer in the coming years. Therefore, if you want to better understand what the Quack application is, how it works, and how we can use it in our daily lives, follow us to the end of this article for more details. Come on, read along!


What is the Quack app?

After all, what is this application known as Quack? How does it work? In theory, it was developed with the intention of being a social network to meet new people, but in practice, it has become a place to play several games against opponents around the world and earn money with it.

Not only in this way, but also by referral. Therefore, in a short summary, we can guarantee that the Quack app is an application in the format of a social network, but very used for games with strangers, after all, these games pay in US dollars.

How does Quack work?

Well, we already know how the application is, but how does it work in practice? Well, it's simple. In practice, you download the application in your app store, and the software is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Soon after, you create your registration using your personal data.

The next step, then, is to link a PayPal account in your name on the Quack platform, so you can withdraw your money whenever you want. For these reasons Quack is not suitable for people under 18, unless you are 15 and want to accumulate at least 3 years of money to withdraw when you are 18.

Once this is done, you then start playing the matches that are made available in the center of the app. These would be used to get people to interact with each other, within the chat. However, since they “invented” paying dollars to the winner, everyone forgot that this is a social network and it became a gambling app: may the best one win.

Another way to make money with the app

Do you really not care about meeting new people, but only about making money? Then you should know that besides the games, there is also another way to earn extra income with this amazing app: by referring new users of the social network, so, in practice, you earn at least 2 USD for each new referral.

In our currency, we are talking about R$5.00. It is not very profitable, since it would take 200 referrals to earn $400. But, it's still better than nothing and many people prefer to earn this small amount easily than to change the app for another one that pays more, but is more difficult to use.

Is the Quack app good?

Yes and no. It is a complete app that can be used by anyone, but it has many complaints in the app stores. It's because the app blocks games after 1 hour of daily use. This is so that no user accumulates too much money to be able to withdraw it: the minimum is 20 dollars for withdrawals. This was our guide to the Quack app and social network. Until next time!