PlaylistPush: Dollar-paying app for playlist plays!


PlaylistPush is an app to earn money with music, unlike any other you've seen before. But what is PlaylistPush? How does this music-listening app work? Is it worth downloading, or is it a scam? How do payments work, and where can I withdraw the earned money?


PlaylistPush - Recipes Samp
PlaylistPush – Samp Recipes

Making money with apps has become increasingly common. Thousands of people use various apps to make money, whether in dollars, euros, or their local currency, regardless of the type of action taken. The vast majority of these apps are for Android smartphones, but some also work on iOS.

The trick is to perform small actions, complete tasks, respond to comments, give some likes, among other things, that generate some dollars in your personal app account. This way, once you have enough, you can withdraw the money.

Today, we will talk about an incredible app that is gaining popularity in Brazil, PlaylistPush. So, if you want to make money with your personal playlists on apps like Spotify and YouTube Music, join us for this read. Let's go, read with us!


What is PlaylistPush?

But what exactly is PlaylistPush? As mentioned above, it is an app that pays in dollars to those who share their playlists from music streaming apps. It is becoming increasingly common on Brazilian smartphones, especially among those who have greater influence on social networks, but you'll understand more about that later.

For now, you need to know that it pays based on the number of plays of certain songs inserted by PlaylistPush in the personal playlist you shared. On average, about 10 cents per play received is paid.

In a quick calculation, 100 plays earn you 10 dollars, 1,000 plays 100 dollars, 10,000 plays 1,000 dollars, and so on. Want to understand more about how PlaylistPush works? Keep reading because we explain it in the section below.

How does PlaylistPush work?

But how does PlaylistPush work? As mentioned above, it works through your playlists. In summary, you create an account on the app, link your playlist apps like YouTube Music and Spotify, and everything else is done automatically by the app.

This app will start adding music from artists who pay PlaylistPush. So, for each play of these particular artists' songs (you are informed in advance about the added songs and must authorize the addition of each one), you receive 10 cents.

Now, your job is to attract more and more people to your playlists to increase the number of plays received and, consequently, your earnings. Keep in mind that cheating is not possible: the app knows when the same smartphone has repeated the song more than once, and it bans accounts that try to cheat the app's rules.

Criteria for using the app

Are there criteria for using PlaylistPush? Yes, there are. The first fact is that if you are under 16, you will not be able to withdraw the funds from your account. This is because the app only accepts withdrawals through virtual wallets, such as PayPal, which only opens accounts for people over 16 years old (the age of majority in the USA).

Therefore, the first criterion is being over 16 years old. Continuing, there is another key criterion for using the app: remember when we mentioned that it was necessary to have some influence on your social media networks? That means being somewhat known, precisely to generate engagement in the playlists.

But how does that work? The fact is that your profile on these music streaming social networks needs to have more than 1,000 followers, as well as 1,000 followers on the playlists, and at least 30 active listeners daily. Accounts with lower numbers cannot be linked to PlaylistPush.

That was our guide on how PlaylistPush works. We hope we have helped you with your doubts. If you still have any questions about the app or the topic, please comment below, and we will answer you as soon as possible. Until next time!

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