Qranio: eine kostenpflichtige App mit eigener Währung, die in Rabatte umgewandelt werden kann!


Qranio is a classic application for accumulating points that allows the user to redeem their points on products and discounts at partner stores. The Qranio app allows you to earn points for discounts on real products.


Qranio – Rezepte Samp
Qranio – Rezepte Samp

The internet is advancing more and more every day. More people are seeking online income, hoping to rely less on fixed jobs.

The number of people making a living online has grown tremendously in the last 5 years. This is due to a greater number of unemployed people, who have more free time at home and can use certain technologies to earn money.

In this article, we’ll talk a bit more about one of the most popular apps in the market that pays in cash, Qranio.


If you want to know more about what Qranio is, how it works, and how much it pays its users, stay with us until the end of the content. Let’s go!

What is Qranio?

So, what is Qranio? As mentioned above, it is an app that pays in its own currency, called “Qi$”, as the platform itself calls it. These coins can be accumulated and redeemed later, but we’ll talk a little more about that later, so keep reading.

It’s a simple and intuitive application. This app works based on the idea of ​​a quiz, where you can answer fun questions that make everything even more fun. Do you remember the game “Trivia Crack” which was very popular around 2014 and 2015 among young people?

Qranio is like Trivia Crack: a mobile app where you answer questions about a variety of topics such as science, geography, history, current events, arts, sports, and more.

This way, you not only earn money in the app, but also have fun in a light way while you earn. That’s why many people tend to combine more direct earning apps, which actually pay, with Qranio to make earning more relaxing and easy.

How does Qranio work?

But, how does Qranio work? Well, as mentioned above, it is a quiz app. So, it works simply: the more questions you answer correctly, the more virtual currency, or “Qi$”, you will accumulate in your app wallet.

The questions have a time limit of 30 seconds to be answered, with 4 alternatives that you can choose from. You can use some aids in the app if you have them, which can be accumulated through daily prizes or purchased with Qi$.

Spend 100 accumulated Qi$ in the “Shopping” section of the app to purchase partner store products with discounts. It’s like having a credit card with miles, with the difference being that you don’t have to spend to accumulate these points.

Play more to accumulate points and exchange them for discounts at partner stores in the Qranio app.

In which operating systems does the app work?

Qranio is an app that works on both Android and iOS smartphones. You can download the Qranio app from the official store on your Android or iOS device, be it a Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, iPhone or iPad.

Go to the app store, search for Qranio, and click “Download” for Android or “Get” for iOS. Wait for the download to finish, start playing, and accumulate “Qi$” points to earn real money through discounts.

So, what did you think of our Qranio app guide? Are you going to download it to your phone? Comment below and see you next time!

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