MintCoins: App zahlt zwischen 500 und 750 Dollar im Monat!


MintCoins is a smartphone app that allows you to earn money without much effort. With it, you can make money just by using your phone, through simple and quick tasks. But how does MintCoins work? Who can make money with this app? Is it worth using?


MintCoins-Anwendung – Beispielrezepte
MintCoins Application – Receitas Samp

Making money online has become more accessible than many people imagine. In the past, only those who had access to good computers or worked for a reputable company could earn money online. This has changed over time, especially with the arrival of smartphones in the hands of everyone.

As a result, the internet is in the palm of users’ hands. The result? Greater accessibility, speed, and practicality in everyone’s daily lives. Today, even a teenager can perform complex tasks using their phone. Many of them are already making money with apps like MintCoins.

In today’s article, we will learn what MintCoins is, how it works, and how we can make money using it. It is something simple but deserves attention when performing tasks. So, if you want to learn more about the subject, follow us until the end of the content for more details. Let’s go, read with us!


What is MintCoins?

But after all, what is MintCoins? As mentioned, it is an app to earn money that more and more people are using. With it, through simple tasks, many are earning enough money to surpass even the value of the main salary.

MintCoins is a software designed only for smartphones, which means it only works on cell phones, without a web platform version. The tasks done within the app are apparently simple, from viewing ads to liking photos.

It is also worth noting that MintCoins is not a fraudulent app. Along with the advancement of the internet and its benefits, the disadvantages of the web also emerged: apps that don’t pay anything, just ask for services to be performed. In exchange, they end up inventing excuses not to pay their users.

Fortunately, MintCoins does not behave this way. Since it was created, developed, and made available to Android smartphones, the app works normally, making its payments regularly, without fraud. Keep reading with us to understand how it works.

How does MintCoins work?

But how does MintCoins work? As mentioned above, the tasks that must be performed are quite simple. They are likes, views on videos, clicks on ads, and so on. Everything has a reason: someone is paying for your likes, views, or clicks.

MintCoins, in turn, receives this value and distributes it to its users who perform the tasks. As soon as you accumulate the equivalent of $10 (yes, the app pays in dollars), you can withdraw it through your PayPal account that is linked in the MintCoins settings.

Wie lade ich die App herunter?

To download MintCoins, it is very simple, just look for it in its official app store and download it in the standard way. However, we need to inform in advance that the app is not available for iOS operating systems, only for devices running the Android operating system.

Therefore, if you have an iPhone or iPad and want to download MintCoins, know that it is not possible. On the other hand, if you have a Samsung, Motorola, or another brand smartphone that runs on Android, just look for it in the Google Play Store.

After finding it, go to its official page, click on “Download” and wait until the download is complete. Click on “Open” to start it or click on its icon among those available on the home screen of your smartphone.

Wie viel kann ich mit der App verdienen?

And how much can you earn on MintCoins? It all depends on how much you work, of course. The more of these simple tasks you complete, the more money will accumulate in your app account, which, when totaled at $10 or more, can be transferred to your linked PayPal account.

The completed tasks add up to cents of dollars. There are reports of people making anywhere between $100-$150 per month on the app, working just 3 hours a day. Until next time!

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