Givvy Radios: kostenpflichtige App, die $320 pro Monat für das Hören von Radios zahlt!


Givvy Radios is another amazing app that promises to make you money without exerting too much effort. With it, you can earn dollars according to the tasks you perform. But how does the app work in practice? Can you use the app every day or is there a usage limit?


Givvy Radios – Beispielrezepte
Givvy Radios – Receitas Samp

Many people dream of making money with minimal effort. However, to do so, it is necessary to have some knowledge of technology, such as how to use a smartphone and a PC. If you have these skills, everything becomes extremely easy.

And why? Because the number of apps that pay their users for certain tasks has grown exponentially. It is not a trick, it is not a crime, it is not wrong: companies pay these apps to perform tasks, such as increasing the audience of a radio. In turn, apps pay users to listen to these radios, for example.

In today’s article, we will talk about an amazing app that fits precisely into the radio example mentioned above. So, if you want to know what Givvy Radios is, how it works, and how much you can earn just by using it, follow us until the end of the article to check out more details on the subject. Let’s go.


What is Givvy Radios?

So what is Givvy Radios? As mentioned earlier, it is a task completion app that pays in dollars. It has become extremely popular among people’s smartphones mainly because of its ease of use as well as the high throughput it can provide.

Although it has several tasks that can be performed, there is one that stands out: listening to radios. That’s right, the app pays you in dollars to listen to radios within the app itself. It is a system in which radios pay Givvy to have a certain audience so that they can receive sponsors.

Givvy Radios, in turn, passes this value on to its users, who can listen to the radios as much as they want. In reality, you earn for the number of radios you listen to during the day, with one being proposed every 3 minutes, and must be listened to for a minimum of 10 seconds. You receive 10 cents for each time you complete this cycle.

How does Givvy Radios work?

But how does this app work? Well, its operation is basic. First, you must create your app user account. Then you must wait for the radios in which you must give play to appear on the screen, most of which are from Europe and the US: don’t worry, it’s not difficult to do, just press the play button that appears on the screen.

With the play on, you listen to the radio playing on the other side for 10 seconds. Turn it off and go back to the beginning of the app. The app will automatically know that you completed the cycle correctly because it asks for access to various operating information on your smartphone as soon as it starts up for the first time.

In this way, 10 cents in dollars are already guaranteed in your app account. Wait another 3 minutes and a new radio will appear on your screen. There is no limit to the number of radios to listen to in this app: Givvy Radios keeps sending radios non-stop, but they expire after 5 minutes on your smartphone screen, so take advantage.

How much can I earn on Givvy Radios?

And how much can I make on Cash4Minutes? It depends on how much time you spend on the platform. There are no limitations on calls, so we can do a rough calculation to find out how much you can earn in just one day. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. One radio every 3 minutes;
  2. 20 radios in an hour;
  3. 160 radios in 8 hours;
  4. Listening from Monday to Friday, that’s 3,200 radios every month (20 days);
  5. 3,200 radios times 10 cents equals $320 per month;

Who can use the app?

But, who can use this app? Anyone over 16 years old who has an Android smartphone. You must be over 16 because the only way to withdraw earnings is through the American e-wallet PayPal, which requires you to be over 16 (the legal age of adulthood in the US) to create an account.

Additionally, Givvy Radios only works on smartphones with the Android operating system. Until next time!

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