Siga Social: app pays $720.00/month to register on Instagram!


Siga Social is an internet platform that is also available for Android operating systems, and it helps you earn money based on your Instagram account. But how does Siga Social work? Who can use the platform to earn money? Is it worth using Siga Social?


Siga Social Application - Receitas Samp
Siga Social Application – Receitas Samp

Making money online is already a reality in the lives of many people. The general public is increasingly looking for ways to earn a considerable amount of extra income, which could even become their main income one day. It’s not easy to do, but at some point, it works.

Thus, the number of people looking for apps that pay for tasks has grown exponentially. Some of them are specific to tasks on social networks, such as Siga Social. As mentioned, it is available on both platforms and apps. Keep reading with us and learn more about it, let’s go!

What is Siga Social?

But after all, what is Siga Social? Well, we’re talking about a smartphone app that pays for tasks performed. Unlike other apps, everything happens here automatically, meaning you don’t have to do the tasks manually to earn money.


the app is linked to simple tasks on Instagram. Basically, you give your account on the social network for the app to do everything automatically, thus being able to earn a good amount of money per month, without much difficulty.

One of the big problems regarding these automation apps is account blocking. Many people are afraid to use them because their Instagram accounts end up being blocked since the social network’s algorithm eventually discovers what you are doing.

This is another positive point of Siga Social: the app has an algorithm that blocks these discoveries. Thus, the percentage of chances of being caught by Instagram’s algorithm is very low. To be more specific, it is the safest money-making automation app you will find.

How does Siga Social work?

But how does it work? It’s very simple. Basically, you need to download the app on your cellphone and register with your Instagram account. After that, you must choose the level of app activity: light, moderate, or high. The higher the level, the more likely you are to be blocked by Instagram.

And that’s it, now just wait. You must wait at least 30 days to withdraw your money, as well as having at least 100 dollars in your account. Otherwise, you must wait for at least one of each of the requirements to be able to withdraw your money. Remember: the higher the activity level, the more money you earn.

How to download Siga Social?

But how can you download? It’s simple. Just go to the Google Play Store and search for “Siga Social” in the search field. When you find it, click “Download” to start the download. Wait until it finishes and that’s it, you can start using the application.

Unfortunately, the software is not yet available for iOS. Thus, if you have an iPhone or iPad tablet, you can only use the Follow Social web platform. You can access it through your official browser, Safari.

How much can I earn on the app?

A lot depends on the role you define in terms of app performance. Generally, in the light phase, you earn 80 USD per month, in the moderate phase, you receive 250 USD and in the high phase, you can earn up to 720 USD per month.

So, what did you think about learning more about Siga Social? Are you going to start using it to make money on this app? Do you have any questions? Comment below and we will help you. Until next time!