Everve: app pays $1,696 for interactions on Instagram!


Everve is a smartphone app and web platform where you can earn money by performing actions specifically within Instagram. It’s a great way to make money in a healthy way, without having to work too hard to get large amounts of money, as payment is in dollars.


Everve - Receitas Samp
Everve – Receitas Samp

Many platforms have grown exponentially in the world of apps that pay money for completing tasks. It’s almost impossible not to know someone who earns a good amount of money online, either with these apps or by providing services.

Therefore, the search for apps that pay well grows, so that you can enjoy money made in an easier way, at least without as much work as expected. They are short and quick actions that can be performed through the smartphone, and that will improve your financial life.

In today’s article, we will talk about one of these popular apps. We will explain what it is, how it works, and how you can use Everve to make money online. So, if you want to learn more about it, follow us to the end of the article for more details. Let’s go!


What is Everve?

So, what is Everve? We are talking about a smartphone app that also has a web version, where you can perform actions within Instagram and earn money in exchange.

Everve, in this case, is a platform exclusively focused on Instagram. It does not operate with any other platform, only this social network. It’s maintained by influencers who want to increase their engagement through likes, comments, and sharing of posts, as well as views on stories.

In turn, Everve pays users of its app to perform tasks related to these actions we mentioned above. Thus, the influencers receive greater engagement on their social networks through Everve users who perform the tasks, in exchange for part of the money that Everve earns.

It’s a “game” where everyone wins: influencers gain greater engagement, Everve earns money to manage this increase in engagement, and you, the end user of the app, earn to make this engagement happen. It’s definitely worth using, especially if you want to make a lot of money.

How to download Everve?

But how to download this app? Well, that’s simple: just go to your Google Play Store, the official app store for Android, search for the name of the app we mentioned, open its official page in the store, click “Download”, wait for the download, start the app, create your account and start using it.

Right from the start, you’ll have a series of tasks to do. It’s worth noting that the initial registration is done with your Instagram account: without it, you can’t like, comment or view stories as needed. All of this will be done through your personal Instagram profile, and you can’t use fake accounts.

And no, there is no official version of the app for the iOS operating system. Currently, those who have an iPhone or iPad cannot use it to earn money in dollars. In this case, we recommend using the online platform, which can be accessed through any browser, even from your smartphone.

How much can I earn?

But how much can I earn? The earnings on the app depend a lot on how many tasks you will perform. On average, a new task appears on the main screen of your smartphone app every 3 minutes. In one hour, there are 20 tasks. In eight hours, there are 160 tasks.

Each task is worth 10 cents, which adds up to $16 per day. So, on 20 days of the month (Monday-Friday every week), we come up with a total of $320.

So, a person who works continuously on Everve, let alone, can earn around $1,696.00 monthly on the platform, not counting weekends and a few overtime hours. If they work more, they will earn more. Until next time!

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